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Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solution

Measure customer satisfaction at the right time and via the right channel: email, text message, telephone, Web, QR code… for real-time processing of the results

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A recognized Customer Voice solution

Our online survey and information gathering solution allows you to interview your customers to measure customer satisfaction and collect their opinion, on the media of their choice.


You independently create your questionnaires and distribute them to your customers by email, text message, website, voice inquiry or by mixing the different channels. You follow the feedback in real-time and build your dashboards directly in the application. You distribute the responses, analyses and alerts to the relevant interlocutors, with personalized filters according to their profiles.


Our platform offers you the possibility of being autonomous in the creation, modification of surveys or introductory text.

A complete and
personalized offer

  • Learn from your customers

    Collect customer reviews at the right time, continuously or occasionally, their level of satisfaction and attachment to your brand at crucial moments in their journey via the most suitable channel: email, text message, voice, pop-in web, etc.

  • Understand your customers

    Analyse their feelings correlated to the note expressed. Identify the sources of enchantment, the best practices to standardise within your company. Detect priority sites to address, weak signals and identify customers about to leave.

  • Take action for your customers

    Manage the feedback loop: on receipt of a detected dissatisfaction, set up real-time alters and process them. Share the Voice of the Customer with all employees and departments to involve them and apply a Customer Culture in the process of continuous improvement.

  • Track your metrics

    Do your action plans improve your customer experience? Follow your daily indicators (CSAT, NPS, CES, etc.) in real-time, and their evolution over time: decrease or increase. Monitor the impact of your decision-making and the effectiveness of your improvement plan. Make your indicators of decision-making aids.

  • Increase your customer knowledge

    Refine your customer knowledge by feeding your CRM with notes, comments or any other information collected. Allow your advisers to personalise your relationship with a rich and complete CRM, including the latest customer satisfaction indices.


The Eloquant Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solution deployed 2 years ago, allows us to measure and process our customers’ satisfaction. We systematically call back critics to find out why they are dissatisfied. Our goal is to make our customers ambassadors and take their feedback into account to move forward, with them.

Olivier GIL
Customer Relationship Director at BERNER

Eloquant has a crucial role in our system since we need to collect our debtor customers’ voice. The Semantic Analysis software is a powerful tool that allows us to detect where our dysfunctions lie and value our employees’ work.

Laurent Trojani
Quality and Customer Experience Manager

Eloquant is a coach, there is a real notion of exchange. As for the tool, it allows us to use collected verbatim efficiently and also motivates us to operate an internal transformation. We have put our processes into perspective to help the company evolve.

Sandrine LANDON
CRM & Digital Communication Manager, KING JOUET


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