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Contact Center Solution features

Your advisers have a tool to manage all customers interactions, whether incoming or outgoing, through a simple interface. Intuitive and ergonomic, it allows access to customer history at any time.

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  • Contact Center Solution
    • Omnichannel management of incoming or outgoing interactions processing: calls, emails, callbacks, outgoing calls campaign, chat, sms, social network messaging…
    • Routing and advanced distribution of interactions
    • Interactions processing centralization and optimization
    • Automation of processing requests
    • Priorities, scalling, mutual aid and overflows management
    • Contact manager
    • Automatic historization of interactions around the contact form
    • Native management of recordings
    • Management and omnichannel reporting of activity
    • SSO Authentication delegation (SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0…)
  • Voice
    • National numbers collection and termination management (geographic numbers and customer relationship in 08 to 09)
    • International collection and termination
    • Interactive voice services (IVR)
    • Synthesis and speech recognition
    • Callbot
    • Automatic historization of interactions around the contact form
    • Management of queues and priorities, deterrence, overflow…
    • Conversations recording
    • Callback and web callback
    • Outgoing call campaigns (preview, progressive)
  • Email
    • Mail boxes and contact forms
    • Automatic historization of interactions around the contact form
    • Semantic Analysis of emails
    • Acknowledgment of reception
    • External experts management
  • Chat
    • Engagement rules
    • Customer widgets personalization
    • Feedback of contextual information
    • Automatic historization of interactions around the contact form
    • Multi-session management
    • Files transfer
  • Agent banner
    • Ergonomic and intuitive interface
    • Unified interactions processing: calls, emails, callbacks, outgoing calls, chat, sms, social messaging
    • Agent modes management
    • Contact form and history on every channels
    • Interactions classification
    • Answers templates
    • Consultation, transfert
    • 3-party conferencing
    • Simultaneous interception and processing of calls
    • Workstations notifications
    • Softphone
  • Supervision / Administration
    • Autonomy of configuration of the solution
    • Contact center administration (routing strategy, users…)
    • Management of queues, campaigns, calendars, audio messages, standard responses, classifications, etc.
    • Management of the activity (teams management, activity indicators across all channels, etc.)
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Monitoring real-time omnichannel activity: calls in progress, monitoring the progress of outgoing campaigns, email backlog, etc.
    • Interactions timeline
    • Statistical reports
    • Wallboards
  • CRM integration and thir-party applications
    • Integration with market-leading CRM
    • Embedded Agent Interface in Salesforce®
    • Web Services and Integration APIs
    • Click-to-Call
    • Screen pop (“call pop”) continaining detailed caller information
    • Historization
    • Self-Service
  • Selfcare
    • Automatic processing of applications
    • Simplified integration of the solution into the enterprise ecosystem
    • Contextualized and personalized answers
    • FAQ
    • Chatbot
    • Callbot
  • Voice of Customer Solution
    • Measurement of post-interaction satisfaction (post-call surveys, sms, email, post-chat)
    • Automation of actions based on survey results (notification, reminder to contacts)
    • Integration into the complete customer journey
    • Transcribed conversations and automated semantic analysis of interactions

Applications & uses

  • Appel_entrant

    Customer service

    Optimise the quality of your customer service with the agent banner integrated into your business applications.
  • Distribution intelligente des appels

    Hotline, After Sale Service

    Have all the information you need to respond faster and more effectively to your customers.
  • Appel sortant

    Web marchant

    Help with purchasing, order, tracking, after-sales service, complaints… Deliver optimal quality service with limited teams.
  • Bandeau agent

    Sale department

    Give your account managers the means to maintain a privileged relationship with their clients.
  • Surveillance


    Set up a call centre account on your virtual contact centre in just a few minutes.
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  • Rapport Statistiques

    Automatisation - Chatbot & Callbot

    Entrust chatbots with repetitive tasks with low added value to gain responsiveness and automate your customer service.
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  • Can I interface the Eloquant Contact Centre solution with my CRM and my business applications?

    The Eloquant Contact Centre solution offers open and standardised APIs to integrate with your application ecosystem. It, therefore, integrates easily with your infrastructure and in particular with your business applications, CRM, ERP or your IS (Information System). You can easily take advantage of features such as the creation of contact cards, the enrichment of your customer database or the personalisation of the service delivered to your customers.


  • What is the average lead time for implementing the Contact Centre solution?

    Eloquant solutions are delivered in SaaS mode (cloud) and based on a secure architecture. It is accessible as we interface from any workstation or mobile device connected to the Internet. The application does not require local installation or hardware investment. Its implementation is, therefore, greatly accelerated and requires only a few weeks for you to have a personalised and integrated solution, regardless of the number of sites to be equipped or the number of call centre agents.


  • What are the economic benefits of the Contact Centre solution?

    The Eloquant Contact Centre solution is delivered in SaaS mode. It is based on a business model by subscription and for the use for which you are billed monthly according to your use. It is an all-inclusive service which includes maintenance, updates, exploitation and operational support 24/7.


  • What are the guarantees on the security of data hosted on the Eloquant platform?

    At Eloquant, we have been aware for many years of our responsibility on these subjects. The principles of ‘Privacy by design’ and of documentation of the treatments carried out, as well as the principles of risk analysis are part of our approach to security of the ISO 27001 information system; method on which we have been certified since 2015 and which applies to all of our SaaS production and hosting.



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