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Training in Eloquant solutions

Benefit from all our expertise, both in terms of study services and training tailored to your needs. These training courses can be given in both French and English, on-site or remotely.

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Learn about our customer relationship solutions

  • Personalized training

    Our trainers provide tailor-made training, adapted to the specific needs of different uses (administrators, supervisors, call centres agents) during on-site or remote training. Each user, thus, readily appropriates the solution and develops complete autonomy in carrying out his mission.

    Pilotage Eloquant
  • Trainers who are experts in collecting field information

    Our trainers all have the dual skills of trainer and study consultant. Throughout the year, they conduct studies on various issues on behalf of our clients.

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  • Go further

    Operational remote training on our tools, video tutorials, tailor-made training (accompaniment days).

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More than 10 000 users trained

Since 2001, we improve and adapt our programs according to the evolution of our products and your job expectations.
recommend the "Eloquant Contact Center Agent task bar" training
recommandent la formation à notre outil d'enquête de satisfaction

The Eloquant Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solution deployed 2 years ago, allows us to measure and process our customers’ satisfaction. We systematically call back critics to find out why they are dissatisfied. Our goal is to make our customers ambassadors and take their feedback into account to move forward, with them.

Olivier GIL
Customer Relationship Director at BERNER

Thanks to the Eloquant Contact Center solution, we can pool the resources of our customer center and deliver both optimal service to all our customers, but also premium service to our customers with higher added value.

Infrastructure and Services Management Director at DHL

The Contact Center solution has made it possible, with a view to improving the customer experience, to organize an intelligent distribution of calls by expertise and availability, to monitor performance and measure customer satisfaction and finally to offer new services to our customers, while helping our employees on a daily basis.

Leveugle, Vianney
Marketing and Communication Director at GEODIS

We were looking at the time for a reliable, seamless platform with premium service all season long. Thanks to the Eloquant Contact Centre Solution, we benefit from a powerful tool offering easy handling and rapid implementation. Delivered in SaaS mode, the solution is flexible and allows us to manage, our calls peaks in high season.

Fabienne RIOU
Customer Department Manager at Groupe ROSSIGNOL

Thanks to the customer satisfaction measurement solution, we address our customers but also the customer of our clients, who are the real beneficiaries of our services. We are thus improving our knowledge of end customers, to meet their expectations best.

Jean-Yves LEPINE
Customer Experience Director, DALKIA