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Eloquant is ISO 27001 certified

Eloquant offers you the guarantee of an information system certified according to ISO 27001.

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  • ISO 27001 certification

    ISO / IEC 27001 certification is a standard recognized today in the world in terms of information security, and its objective is to set up an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

    ISO 27001 certification is recognized for its high standards, particularly internationally, where it is now necessary to respond to certain calls for tenders. It guarantees the proper management and measurement of systems ensuring information security both organizationally and technically.

    iso 27001 certification
  • Why ISO 27001?

    The general objective of Eloquant’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) is to preserve the availability, confidentiality, integrity, and auditability of the information concerned by the field of application in applying a risk management process and assuring interested parties that risks are being managed adequately. Preserving availability takes priority over other criteria.

    The Management Team has decided that the Eloquant Information Security System applies to all solutions made available to customers in a production environment, including interactions outside the Eloquant infrastructure.

    iso 27001 protection
  • How were we certified?

    It is BSI Group France, a standardization and professional certification body, which awarded us the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification. Following a pre-audit, the final examination was carried out for a full week in our offices. The certificate is thus obtained for three years.

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  • Because you entrust us with what you hold most precious

    The digitalization of Customer Relations has transformed your customers into data. More than ever, it is necessary to protect and secure this data, which constitutes the value of your business, and which you entrust to us! Also, face with your growing expectations in terms of data security, Eloquant wanted to respond proactively, offering you the guarantee of an information system certified according to the ISO 27001 standard.

    Eloquant is, therefore, today, one of the very few market players able to provide this level of assurance to customers who are increasingly aware of this issue.

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A word from the Eloquant Security Manager


It is necessary to differentiate between safety and security.

Control of information security is not merely the establishment of general safety, but security as a whole, from stable systems to proper backups, through internal processes respecting best practices and the rules of the art.


Our development methodologies, our commitments in business continuity and business recovery, the monitoring of vulnerabilities and the rapid application of patches, standardization and homogeneity, versioning and development/acceptance or pre-production environments are many indicators allowing to rationalize an architecture, to make it stable, relevant, versatile and durable.


The implementation of ISO 27001 certification provides us with the necessary tools to strive for continuous improvement and thus make all of our business flows more reliable.”

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Eloquant is ISO 27001

Check our certificate of registration here!
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