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Your customer relationship is a fundamental key to your success. At your side, our project and support teams provide personalized and dedicated support at every stage of your project.

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Discover our teams of CX consultants

  • Contact Center consulting

    It is through their interactions with your customer service department, on all the channels available to them, that your customers will evaluate the quality of their experience and… judge your company!


    Our contact center consultants are at your side during all phases of the implementation of Eloquant’s multichannel contact center solution: scoping, functional and technical specifications, development and project monitoring, team management in agile mode, integration, performance monitoring….

    contact center consulting
  • Feedback Management consulting

    Specialists in methodology, statistics and customer relations, our satisfaction measurement consultants rethink your customer journey through the implementation of Eloquant’s multi-channel survey system.


    Objectives: better understand your customers and prospects, detect hidden dissatisfaction and identify weak signals in comments and opinions or telephone conversations. This material is precious: extracting value and action plans from it is the mission of our consultants.

    Thanks to artificial intelligence and automatic language processing techniques, they also support you during the deployment of the Eloquant automated semantic analysis solution and throughout the project.

    feedback management consulting
  • Customer Care

    The Customer Care department is made up of TAMs (Technical Account Managers) whose role is to provide you with premium service in an atmosphere of exchange and trust.


    Each TAM is your dedicated point of entry to Eloquant support, and coordinates internal services on your various questions. They anticipate your new needs. He or she will lead operational committees, monitor SLAs and KPIs, and manage the most efficient resolution of technical incidents…


    Whatever the nature of your problem, he is your sole contact!

    customer care

Discover Eloquant's coaching programs


    The CX Program, a turnkey program in 5 steps, to help you listen to the Voice of the Customer.
    You benefit from the expertise of a dedicated CX Consultant, from the project kick-off meeting to the follow-up in production, in a proactive approach to continuous improvement.

    If your project includes a “semantic” dimension, our linguistic experts will ensure that the quality of your verbatim processing is improved so that you can make the most of semantic analysis. They help you set up the tools, interpret the results and implement action plans.


    More information on the CX Program here.


    Project management follows a methodology: launch, framing, technical workshops, writing specifications, realization, tests, acceptance, validation, production… The project manager’s ability to accompany the client throughout these different stages also consists of addressing a major issue: change management with internal teams.

    Setting up a contact center and quality management, redesigning an IVR or knowledge base, integrating a new technology… It is a question of getting the teams to adhere to this project, to familiarize them with a new tool so that they appropriate it and understand all the benefits, to train them so that they get the best out of it and are satisfied with it.

    Our managers fully ensure this strategic part through workshops, training, steering committees…


    Whether it is to support you in the management of change, by training your agents/supervisors/administrators in the Contact Center solution, or to make your teams autonomous in deploying multi-channel surveys from our Customer Satisfaction Measurement platform, our training courses are adapted to your specifications, your teams and your constraints.

    In-company training is provided on your company’s site: the ideal solution for training a group of users directly on site.

    In inter-company sessions, in Grenoble or Paris, you participate in sessions with users from other companies. Rich exchanges and emulation guaranteed!


    More information on Eloquant training courses here.

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