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Surround yourself with customer relations experts

Your Customer Relationship is a fundamental key to your success. By your side, our support teams are permanently available to provide personalized and dedicated support at each stage of your project.

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Experts by your side



Our Customer Relations Experts advise you from the design of your strategy and the organization of your contact centre to operational monitoring of the performance of your customer service.


Our study managers, right specialists in methodology and statistics, support you in your quantitative and qualitative survey projects.


Our expert’s linguistics help you establish the code plan for your semantic analysis, develop it and ensure regular project monitoring.

Support programs in the service of excellence

  • The CX Program

    The CX Program, a turnkey program in 5 steps, to support you in your Listening to the Voice of the Customer. You benefit from the expertise of a dedicated CX Consultant, from the project launch meeting to production monitoring, in a proactive approach to continuous improvement.

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  • Operational audit

    The Operational audit is carried out by a CRC Eloquant consultant: in situ operational reports, recommendations, presentation of results and priorities, to identify areas from improving the performance and productivity of your contact centre and determine plans actions.

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  • Linguists for semantics

    Throughout the life of your project, our expert linguists ensure that you improve the quality of your verbatim processing so that you can get the most out of the semantic analysis. They support you in getting up tools, interpreting results, and implementing action plans.

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Our guarantees


Our techniciens are guaranteed to be on call 24/7. Our data centres, all located in France, are redundant on several sites, auditable and under Business Recovery Plan.


The opening of our offers to your environment is also a key point for your convenience: API, Web services, secure links between your IS, your CRM, your business tools, and our products are all assets to simplify the work of your collaborators and make it more efficient.


Eloquant is your long-term partner and is committed to your side, providing you with the best specialists to facilitate dialogue and listening to your customers.

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Did you know?

Eloquant goes further in the security of your data by being ISO 27001 certified.
Learn more about ISO 27001 Dots