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Contact Center Solution

Unified management of interactions for customer relations centres: voice, email, chat, callback, text message, phone app, social media, etc.

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The solution for your Contact Center

Easy to set up, the Eloquant Contact Centre solution allows you to deliver a unique customer experience, thereby contributing to the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients.

The Eloquant Contact Centre solution integrates with your organisation, your tools and your business processes. Distributed on one or more websites, your advisers benefit from a unified and ergonomic interface to process all customer interactions, whatever the engagement channel.


Beyond a software solution, Eloquant offers all telecom services for your customer relations. Eloquant manages the allocation and porting of your reception numbers by providing numbers adapted to your activity and your business model.

A complete
and personalized offer

  • Provide the best answer

    Centralise requests, simplify their processing and keep a trace of your customer exchanges. You will provide a consistent and personalised response across all engagement’s channels.

    Crayon Eloquant
  • Maximise the processing rate

    Optimise the routing of inquiries to improve customer satisfaction and meet your business and trade objectives.

    Pilotage Eloquant
  • Track your activity

    Manage your activity in real-time to guarantee the best quality of service. Analyse your activity by following your key performance indicators in order to pursue your objectives and identify areas for improvement.

    Croissance Eloquant
  • Integrate your business applications

    Standardise the processing of inquiries by integrating your CRM and your business applications with Eloquant solutions.

    CRM Eloquant
  • Automate the processing of inquiries

    Set up selfcare solutions and make your customers autonomous by providing them and answer at any time of the day.

    Automatisation Eloquant
  • Increase satisfaction

    Improve your customer relationship centre by collecting customer reviews right away. Analyse the content of the conversations in order to determine the expectations of your customers and the areas of improvement of your services.


Thanks to the Eloquant Contact Center solution, we can pool the resources of our customer center and deliver both optimal service to all our customers, but also premium service to our customers with higher added value.

Infrastructure and Services Management Director at DHL

The Contact Center solution has made it possible, with a view to improving the customer experience, to organize an intelligent distribution of calls by expertise and availability, to monitor performance and measure customer satisfaction and finally to offer new services to our customers, while helping our employees on a daily basis.

Leveugle, Vianney
Marketing and Communication Director at GEODIS

The Eloquant Contact Centre Solution has enabled us to make significant progress in our call pickup rates and provide better service to our members. Our members were pleasantly surprised from the first days of commissioning.

Central Network Service Manager at SOLIMUT

We were looking at the time for a reliable, seamless platform with premium service all season long. Thanks to the Eloquant Contact Centre Solution, we benefit from a powerful tool offering easy handling and rapid implementation. Delivered in SaaS mode, the solution is flexible and allows us to manage, our calls peaks in high season.

Fabienne RIOU
Customer Department Manager at Groupe ROSSIGNOL


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