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Customer Satisfaction Measure Solution features

Create feedback system necessary to collect the voice of your customers at key moments in your customer journey.

Forme Dots

  • Flexible design of innovative and responsive questionnaires

    Any question can be created: closed single, multiple, ordered, digital, text, date, attachment, with image, insertion of video link

    You can modify labels independently according to your accreditation, add choices of answers, deactivate or delete questions at any time. All changes are taken into account in real-time.

    You can add images in the answer choices, questions etc.

  • Satisfaction indicators

    NPS, SatCli, CES, CXi… all indicators and types of questions (open, date-time, multi-media) can be created and updated in real-time.

    The results are accessible in real-time.

  • Proposed administration channels


    SMS: Questions by SMS or URL link pushed by SMS

    Website surveys by Pop-in/Pop-up web

    Voice surveys

    Instant launch after an interaction, delayed a few hours after or even the next day, it’s up to you!

  • Interactions with your CRM

    Upward and downward flows are possible between your CRM and our solution, so we can automatically escalate all survey results, as well in your systems. We can, through a Webservice / API or batch file, directly enrich your CRM with the NPS rating, the comment or any other information collected during the collection.

  • Overload management

    Manage unsubscriptions and over-solicitations from your customers in order to manage customer pressure and thus maximise your responses rates.


Eloquant answers your questions

  • Does your solution integrate with all information systems?

    Thanks to our connectors, our Customer Satisfaction Measurement solution interfaces with any third-party application: IS, BI tools or even CRM. The Eloquant Customer Experience team develops solutions related to feedback, from your third application to our application platform and vice versa.


  • Are your questionnaires responsive design?

    Our solution has a fully responsive design mode. Each questionnaire dynamically adapts to the terminal in its form and even in its structure to guarantee complete and pleasant accessibility depending on the type of terminal of the respondent. The questionnaire is, of course, compatible with all browsers.

  • Do you manage the treatment of dissatisfaction?

    Is it possible to solicit customer feedback, to detect dissatisfaction without treating it? The solution allows you to set up and track the ‘tickets’ on which you want action by employees. It is a question of listing the customers on which action must be carried out. These tickets can be conditioned on any question, framing date, time period, etc. Your employees can follow the detrimental tickets, for example, calling back customers, editing their file by specifying the nature and the result of the action undertaken…


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