Main Features
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  • Multi-channel processing: all types of corpus (chat, SMS, email, open-ended question in a survey, social network…) whatever the source is
  • Multilingual analysis in most of european and asian languages
  • Categories and concepts identification to know about emerging trends
  • Opinion analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Suggestions analysis to highlight improvement ideas
  • Emotions detection revealed in verbatim (fear, joy, sadness…)
  • Risks detection of churn, dissatisfaction...
  • Automatical treatment of data
  • Weak Signal Tracker®: operationnal and automatical business Intelligence tool to spot piority actions, best practices, weak signals and no-go projects
  • Results integration in Restitutions


  • Linguists expertise to build the code plan, make it evolve if necessary and ensure a regular project follow-up
  • Grammar adaptation to your environnement and business dictionary
  • Restitutions building tailor-made (dashboards, word clouds…)
  • Detection of weak signals
  • Support to users
  • Customer care and support, tailor-made services (reports, presentations...)


  • Customizable dashboards to present categories, concepts, opinions and suggestions
  • Dynamical graphs with drill-down
  • Simple and powerful exploration of the corpus: zoom, filter, keywords search or requests, multiple constraints, exclusions...
  • Verbatim corpus access according to the search
  • Dynamical clustering to summarize ideas from a corpus
  • Save of your work environnement

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