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EXPLORE - Automatic Semantic Analysis

Automatic Semantic Analysis


EXPLORE is software of automatic semantic analysis that process and structure high volumes of text data (verbatim)

 Make use of the value of text contents

Your customer feedback comments are really valuable and you need to do something meaningful with it if you want to improve your customer satisfaction, no matter how you get their opinions or ideas: through a survey, social network, chat, email.

To make smart decisions for your organisation and customers, you need a relevant solution to help you analyze and dig deeper into customer feedback.
This valuable information is important to your company if processed and analyzed properly and immediately via a solution that can convert it into useful data.

Semantic analysis can be seen as a strategic stake to gather the Voice of Customer.

The customer comments are getting more useful and if there are thousands or hundreds of thousands of them, an automated semantic analysis solution is necessary.

 The most comprehensive solution

Our international team of engineers and linguists has designed a platform that allows you to:

  • Analyze all customer relationship channels: survey verbatim, emails, chats, feedback, social network posts...
  • Provide personalized semantic services, focusing on opinions and emotions.
  • Make it easy to program and handle contents in multiple languages.
  • Process and organize millions of text data within a short time.

 Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your projects

Do you need to go beyond the simple measure and trully understand what your clients are saying? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

Check Semantic support


Client Support

Our expertise at your service


Our linguists support you to make semantic analysis operationnal, simple and intuitive.

 A technical expertise at your service

Our linguist team works for more than 30 years on modelizing and analyzing verbatim. These experts help you to set up your semantic projects, according to your needs and your business specifics, so you get a tailor-made service.

 A continuous and dedicated support

During all your project life cycle, our linguists experts make sure that quality of processing is getting better and better, so you get the best from semantic analysis.
They help you in the set up of tools, results interpretation, and action plans execution.

 Training & Support

A question? A doubt? Our staff delivers online trainings, illustrated with business cases based on your data, so you become autonomous in using data and results.

They are also here to answer your technical and methodological questions.


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