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Eloquant security policy

Your data, your property

Eloquant politique de sécurité et confidentialité des donnéesYour data is only hosted on national territory, in compliance with French and European regulations. They are your exclusive property: the data collected by Eloquant are not the object of any commercial exploitation by Eloquant or by a possible third party.

All of our teams ensure the security and confidentiality of your data in accordance with our security policy.
In all circumstances, you have the right to access, oppose, rectify and delete your data on request.

Contractual guarantees

Eloquant undertakes and guarantees by contract the anonymity of the respondent for any project requiring it. We comply with the rules of the French market research associations and those of the French law on data protection.

As the software editor of the Interview feedback solution, Eloquant guarantees a strictly confidential processing of your data. Your data will under no circumstances be used by Eloquant for purposes other than those of the survey.

Finally, Eloquant is one of the few French editors to be ISO 27001 certified for its Multichannel Contact Center (Dialogue) solutions. On the Listening side, we already apply the same security principles.

A full support always at your side

You need help and advice on this privacy aspect and the rules CNIL (National Commission of Informatics and Liberties) for example? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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