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Interview - Cross-media surveys

With INTERVIEW, you can create and drive your surveys, develop your Voice of Customer analysis and get a comprehensive knowledge on your environment.

The data collected can be used in real time by field teams, managers so that they can make smart decisions and take action.

Multi-channel, multi-languages, Interview is the most comprehensive solution for conducting online surveys and feedback management and getting a global insight on your data feedback process. You ask key questions and get real time feedback from customers and colleagues via the appropriate media – emails, text messages, phones, QR codes, social networks...

Drive your Customer Relationship with Feedback

Measuring customer satisfaction in continue is a powerful way to detect unsatisfied customers and weak signals at key moments of truth during the customer experience. Take benefit from precious KPI gathered and monitored in real time.

Make the most of customer data

Each team is provided with synthetic dashboards with statistics and qualitative data thanks to your customer verbatim.

Take value from Customer Experience

The Voice of the Customer is key and enables you to improve different services and departments: Customer Service, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Quality, HR... Happy customers make happy employees make happy customers... Your organisation increases its value.

Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your surveys

Do you need to get Feedback from your Customers more easily, using all CR channels? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

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Use cases


To measure customer satisfaction real time, to provide a high quality service and take action afterwards.


Proactive process to improve customer relationship, especially in services, retail industry, mail-order selling, banks and insurance companies.


To set up a permanent dialogue via an efficient and overall platform. To get internal and external information, centralizing it within the same tool and using it for further actions and smart decisions.


To reach our main target wherever it is and via whatever devices, to integrate the information collected in the field and avoid re-entering data.


To assess social relationships and cooperation between co-workers, assess training efficiency and performances, identify potential needs or problems among colleagues, identify weak signals within your organisation.


To measure customer uses and habits, customer loyalty and the relevance of a new concept.


To measure satisfaction and point out what improvements need to be done for the users.


To manage the organisation of events – creating personalized invitations, tracking subscriptions, reminders...


To measure partners and suppliers quality and performance, identify dysfunctional signs and identify solutions, especially for the purchase department.

Main features

  • Questionnaires editor: build smart multilingual questionnaires and newsletters
  • Graphic styles ready-to-use: customize surveys and make them look great and professional
  • Advanced personalization: boost answer rates by adding sounds, pictures, videos and flash animation
  • All type of questions and display: choose from a variety of questions like closed single/multiple choices, ordinated, scale, numerical, text, date-hour, scrolling list, graphic cursor, table of questions, group of question…
  • Distribution wizard, step-by-step: deploy your surveys on every channel including email, web, SMS, social networks, QR codes…
  • Live recipients and answers follow-up: track your response rate and evaluate the performance of each campaign
  • Alert notifications: take immediate action on survey results by notifying designated individuals
  • Live results and online statistics: extract valuable and actionable insights from your collected feedback
  • Verbatim automated analysis: make the most of text data to deeply understand the voice of your customers
  • Personalized requests, results filtering: view subsets of your data with powerful advanced filters
  • Dynamic dashboards: generate customized dashboards and reports, and build chart and graphs that look clean and professional
  • User rights management: share the right data with the right person, set access to results according user profile
  • Contacts centralization: manage your surveys, and optimize your distribution frequency to avoid harassing customers
  • Subscription / unsubscription / reregistration: administrate your recipients and be in conformity with French law about users’ personal data protection

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