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  • Questionnaires editor: build smart multilingual questionnaires and newsletters
  • Graphic styles ready-to-use: customize surveys and make them look great and professional
  • Advanced personalization: boost answer rates by adding sounds, pictures, videos and flash animation
  • All type of questions and display: choose from a variety of questions like closed single/multiple choices, ordinated, scale, numerical, text, date-hour, scrolling list, graphic cursor, table of questions, group of question…


  • Distribution wizard, step-by-step: deploy your surveys on every channel including email, web, SMS, social networks, QR codes…
  • Live recipients and answers follow-up: track your response rate and evaluate the performance of each campaign
  • Alert notifications: take immediate action on survey results by notifying designated individuals


  • Live results and online statistics: extract valuable and actionable insights from your collected feedback
  • Verbatim automated analysis: make the most of text data to deeply understand the voice of your customers
  • Personalized requests, results filtering: view subsets of your data with powerful advanced filters
  • Dynamic dashboards: generate customized dashboards and reports, and build chart and graphs that look clean and professional
  • User rights management: share the right data with the right person, set access to results according user profile


  • Contacts centralization: manage your surveys, and optimize your distribution frequency to avoid harassing customers
  • Subscription / unsubscription / reregistration: administrate your recipients and be in conformity with French law about users’ personal data protection

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