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We have been experts in gathering information and online surveys since 2001 and we help you to design and carry out your feedback projects.

Methodology Department

High level experts

Our department of methodology is made up of experts in qualitative and quantitative online surveys and they carry out your on-demand projects.
You can choose what you need: from helping you on a specific need to carrying out the whole project for you. Our methodology consultants also provide trainings on products and know-how.

Project Department

Integration of our solutions within your IT environment

We are experts in integrating our products in your Data system and we also develop new specific functionalities to meet your needs constantly: automatisations, workflows...

Consulting department

Thinking before taking action

- This department works with you to define your needs: indeed, before carrying out your project, it is necessary to imagine, assess and design the best solution to get feedback data to write down technical specifications.

- Their skills and experience guarantee the best Assistance to Project Owners.

Product Support

Need help?

This department enables you to get the technical and operational expertise you need to carry out and manage the platform applications.

Our experts help you to make the platform work properly so you can stay focused on your main tasks.

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