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CX Program

All along your project, Eloquant will provide you with a CX Consultant who will support you from the kick-off meeting to the production monitoring making you benefit from the Eloquant CX Program.

This CX consultant, who will be your one and only contact person, is also a research manager who earned its stripes at the leading survey institutes on the market for many years. She will provide you with expert advice and consultation in a proactive and a continual improvement approach.

The CX program runs through 5 steps:

CX Program step #1: Discovery

Mandatory step!


- To list the touchpoints of your customer journey.


- Analysis of existing systems on each touchpoint and organization, related methodology.
- Analysis of indicators and response rates.

CX Program step #2: Design

Priorisation of the post-touchpoint survey and the most suitable contact channel regarding your business.


- A VOC feedback system suited to the program objectives:

  • Dynamism of the questionnaire, question formulation.
  • Indicators: the choice regarding the value you want to deduce.
  • Semantics: to suit our standard customer relationship classification to your business.


- Dashboard conception and custom reporting accessible by profile and scope analysis.


- Up and down flew meeting to interface with your SI/CRM/ERP.


- Dissatisfaction and satisfaction management

  • What to do with your unsatisfied customers? Close the loop system definition for a dissatifaction management.
  • What to do with your happy customers?

CX Program step #3: Fresh eye report

Built 3 months after step#2.


- Audit of the set-up VOC system by an other Eloquant CX consultant in a continual improvement approach.


- Debriefing and reporting to provide recommendation.

CX Program step #4: Quality engagement

Return rate

- With real time alerting.

Regular Project and Steering committee

- With real time alerting.

Analysis of your indicators

- On each touchpoint, feedback and optimiszation, methodology, KPI and return rates analysis.


- Monitoring and follow-up of your platforms.

CX Program step #5: Continual improvment

Indepth Analysis

- Per month / quarter with report, recommandations, on-site presentation.
- Strategic barometer: listening of your silent customers – Loyalty.

Detection of emerging speech

- Customer interest issues or unseen moment of truth.

Steering aid of your remedial actions

- Modelling of satisfaction key lever and/or advice to identify priority fields to improve.
- Top priority to address, to avoid, weak signals and best practice to standardize.

Sharing market innovations

- Monitoring and follow-up of your platforms.

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