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Voice of the Customer

Collecting customer feedback at the key points of your relationship


 Learn from your customers

Continuously collect targeted customer opinions, their level of satisfaction and attachment to your brand at key points of the customer pathway, via the appropriate channel: e-mail, SMS, voice, web pop-in, or social networks.

 Understand your customers

Analyse customer sentiment based on the score awarded. Identify sources of satisfaction, best practices to standardise company-wide.
Detect priority projects to be addressed, weak signals and identify customers about to leave you.

 Work for your customers

Manage the feedback close the loop system: as soon as a detected dissatisfaction is received, set up and handle real-time alerts.

Act getting back in touch with dissatisfied, detractors and high-risks customers.

Share the Voice of the Customer with all staff and departments to involve them and create a Customer Culture as part of a continuous improvement process.

 Monitor your indicators

Do your action plans improve your customer experience? Monitor your daily indicators (CSAT, NPS®, CES, etc.) in real time, and their development over time: decrease or increase.

This allows you to monitor the impacts of your decision-making and the effectiveness of your improvement plan. Turn your indicators into decision-making tools.

 Improve your customer knowledge

Increase your customer knowledge by inputting your scores, comments or any other information collected into your CRM. Allow your advisers to personalise your relationship with an extensive and comprehensive CRM, particularly the latest customer satisfaction scores.

 Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your surveys

Do you need to get Feedback from your Customers more easily, using all CR channels? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

Check Feedback support

 Use cases

Contact centre

Target resolution at the first contact and improvement of your customer department
  • Identify the malfunctions of your customer department: what prevented it from solving our customer’s issue to move internal processes forward
  • Compare curbs and difficulties met by your advisers preventing them from responding to the reasons for contact. Support them to increase their performance: upgrading of skills, training plan.
  • Process malfunctions by alerting the supervisor of a dissatisfaction detected so that they may organize action: assign processes for corrective action by advisers.
  • Call back dissatisfied contacts, for example: consider a survey as an interaction

Physical points of sale

Improve and promote satisfaction
  • Identify sources of delight and reasons for dissatisfaction at points of sale. Factor them in and make changes visible for an optimal customer experience.
  • Facilitate your teams by sharing customer comments, a source of motivation.
  • Build on customer opinions to standardize the quality of service delivered across your networks.
  • Transpose an experience on the Web by publishing opinions collected to reassure your customers and leads.


Improve the Web pathway to transform your leads into customers
  • Trigger, at the right time, in your Web showcases, a continuous collection of customer feedback to maximize the collection of replies: trigger according to internet users’ behaviour or customer profile data in the case of logins to the customer area.
  • Obtain insights into your experience to deduce improvement plans on the ergonomics and presentation of the website to limit rebound rates.
  • Identify the reasons for abandoned carts or curbs that prevented the conversion of a lead into a customer.
  • Complete missing information by collecting replies for a rich and complete CRM.

CX Program

Our expertise at your service


All along your project, Eloquant will provide you with a CX Consultant who will support you from the kick-off meeting to the production monitoring making you benefit from the Eloquant CX Program.

This CX consultant, who will be your one and only contact person, is also a research manager who earned its stripes at the leading survey institutes on the market for many years. She will provide you with expert advice and consultation in a proactive and a continual improvement approach.

The CX program runs through 5 steps:

 CX Program step #1: Discovery

Mandatory step!


- To list the touchpoints of your customer journey.


- Analysis of existing systems on each touchpoint and organization, related methodology.
- Analysis of indicators and response rates.

 CX Program step #2: Design

Priorisation of the post-touchpoint survey and the most suitable contact channel regarding your business.


- A VOC feedback system suited to the program objectives:

  • Dynamism of the questionnaire, question formulation.
  • Indicators: the choice regarding the value you want to deduce.
  • Semantics: to suit our standard customer relationship classification to your business.


- Dashboard conception and custom reporting accessible by profile and scope analysis.


- Up and down flew meeting to interface with your SI/CRM/ERP.


- Dissatisfaction and satisfaction management

  • What to do with your unsatisfied customers? Close the loop system definition for a dissatifaction management.
  • What to do with your happy customers?

 CX Program step #3: Fresh eye report

Built 3 months after step#2.


- Audit of the set-up VOC system by an other Eloquant CX consultant in a continual improvement approach.


- Debriefing and reporting to provide recommendation.

 CX Program step #4: Quality engagement

Return rate

- With real time alerting.

Regular Project and Steering committee

- With real time alerting.

Analysis of your indicators

- On each touchpoint, feedback and optimiszation, methodology, KPI and return rates analysis.


- Monitoring and follow-up of your platforms.

 CX Program step #5: Continual improvment

Indepth Analysis

- Per month / quarter with report, recommandations, on-site presentation.
- Strategic barometer: listening of your silent customers – Loyalty.

Detection of emerging speech

- Customer interest issues or unseen moment of truth.

Steering aid of your remedial actions

- Modelling of satisfaction key lever and/or advice to identify priority fields to improve.
- Top priority to address, to avoid, weak signals and best practice to standardize.

Sharing market innovations

- Monitoring and follow-up of your platforms.


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