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Interactive Voice Response


Eloquant IVR allows your customers to get access to information or self-service 24/7, in real time, very easily and in a user-friendly way.

You give them a high and consistent quality Customer Experience while reducing your costs at the same time via the full or partial automation of your interaction processing.

Personalize your customer service

Your incoming calls are qualified and routed to a self-service or a qualified operator.

If you have a customer service, a partial automation can allow you to deliver qualified and relevant information via self-service and to make your agents more focused on high added value calls.

Inform customers in real time and continuously

You provide your customers automated services available 24/7 and also reminders.

The voice server interfaces with your IT environment and delivers real time data to your customers.

Deliver automated services

By automating your business processes with a high quality personalization, you enable your customers to get involved in your organisation.

They can immediately get the information or service they want, whenever they want: online sales, order status, account information...

Use cases

Answering service and calls routing

Real time information update

Voice self-services

Main features

IVR Access Numbers
  • Special customer-relations numbers (toll-free or surcharged 08AB, 09AB)
  • French and international call collection
  • Multiple number management and translation to multiple lines
  • Automatic ARCEP (French equivalent to the FCC) prefix search
  • Caller entered post-code
  • Contact recognition (DB, file, or contact-directory)
  • Voice recognition of towns and locations
Calls routing and distribution
  • Call routing according to called number, calling number, geolocation, time, and/or caller selection
  • International and local call distribution
  • Conference-call management
  • Discreet listening
  • Call recording
IVR navigation
  • Keypad (DTMF) navigation
  • Voice recognition (ASR) navigation
  • Customisable voice messaging
  • Access to voice messages via e-mail
  • Click-to-call simplifies call-back
  • Manage IVR via extranet
  • Customise calendars to any level
  • Create, modify, manage audio messages
  • Manage contact lists
  • Manage agent profiles and numbers
  • Access to raw data (calls, agents, etc.)
  • Live KPIs
  • Formatted stats reports

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