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CONTACT - Multi-channel contact center

Manage inboud and outbound calls in multi-channel

CONTACT allows you to manage all your incoming and outgoing contacts on all multi-channel centers: telephone , email, SMS, web callback, live chat, social networks, smartphone apps...

These are great opportunities to optimize and get a better capacity planning and traffic management, to stay ahead of your competitors while developing a value proposal for a better satisfaction.

Provide personalized customer service

Wherever your agents are located, they can benefit from a unique and centralised interface to manage all interactions, whatever the channel used.

They deliver a high quality Customer Experience, which is also personalized thanks to customer journey available in the solution and homogenous on all channels so that you can get a better customer satisfaction and more loyalty as well.

Optimize your contact center efficiency

You drive your performance dashboards and employee business in real time and you can align your resources with your business performance to optimize your operating costs.

Your agents only keep high value-added interactions thanks to automatic processing of all requests – they are more efficient and performant.

Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your projects

Do you need to make Dialog with your Customers easier, using all CR channels? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

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Use cases

Customer Service

The quality of the customer service and the agent banner integrated to your work apps are at the core of efficient companies strategy.

Hotline, Support

Ensuring that your customers are getting their questions answered quickly and solving their problem on their first call is our job.


Helping you to purchase, getting advice and information, tracking orders, AS, taking care of customer complaints...

Sales Department

Ensuring that your account managers can take appropriate action to develop strong relationships with their customers.

Branches Network

Thanks to the Cloud, you can share the services of your agencies within a virtual call center.


Quick set up for all your agent accounts within a few minutes.

Public Services

Local authorities, State services, public companies: innovation in the service of users.


Manage your marketing campaigns very easily – upload your contact directories, agent scripting integration...

Main features

Inbound call management
  • Telephone number management – call collection via geographically prefixed lines (01 thru 05) and special numbers (08AB, 09AB, etc.)
  • Call qualification via interactive audio menus
  • Navigation via keypad and voice recognition
  • Automated caller identification via built-in contact-database search functionality.
Intelligent call routing
  • Multiple level call routing based on competencies, call-priority, and campaign selection
  • Automated fair-distribution practices
  • Define a preferred or dedicated agent
  • Campaign based queue management
  • Specific distribution rules defined for each campaign (dissuasion, call forwarding, transfer, call-back, etc.)
Automatic Call-back
  • Queuing of call-back requests
  • Manual scheduling by an agent or a supervisor
  • Call-back scheduling via external app
  • Immediate or delayed web call-back
  • Call-back to a campaign, a skill, or a specific agent
  • Manual, Preview, or Progressive mode
  • Call-back request details displayed on agent banner
Outbound Call Management
  • Integrated outcall campaign management
  • Import contact lists
  • Automated agent scripts and fact-sheets
  • Call classification
  • Manual and Automatic Outcall dialling
Inbound emails
  • Semantics based qualification and routing
  • Smart distribution based on agent skills and customer profiles
  • SLA management
  • Customized response templates
  • Knowledge based distribution practices
Agent interface
  • Free sitting connection (agent telephone can be defined at connection)
  • Configurable LDAP protocol
  • Agent state (ready, break, back-office, etc.)
  • Call management (hold, consult, transfer and conference with another agent or an external number)
  • Detailed call information: number, name, call-time, routing (IVR choice, etc.)
  • Detailed call-queue with call info
  • Available agents list simplifies consulting and transfers
  • Directory and contact lists
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Media blending
  • Contact information displayed when a call is established
  • Outbound call triggered from a customer card (built-in click-to-call functionality)
  • Integration with external applications
Supervisor interface
  • Real time view of call flow and group activity
  • Live performance indicators, KPI and threshold alerts
  • Detailed real-time agent activity
  • Discreet listening, call-whisper, and agent-conference call
Call recording
  • Recording triggered by the agent or the supervisor
  • Stop & Go recording via agent banner
  • Automatic pre-defined recording (by agent, team, campaign, etc.)
  • Multiple search criteria on terminated calls
  • Replay, download, store recorded conversations
  • User accounts management
  • Manage audio messages, calendars, campaigns, skills, queues, etc...
  • Customize voice menus (IVR) and call routing
  • Define distribution rules
  • Export stats to csv format
  • Standardized reporting
  • Customized reports can be developed for your business needs
  • Use our Intelligent Business Module to integrate your reports, your way

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