Main features
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Inbound call management

  • Telephone number management – call collection via geographically prefixed lines (01 thru 05) and special numbers (08AB, 09AB, etc.)
  • Call qualification via interactive audio menus
  • Navigation via keypad and voice recognition
  • Automated caller identification via built-in contact-database search functionality.

Intelligent call routing

  • Multiple level call routing based on competencies, call-priority, and campaign selection
  • Automated fair-distribution practices
  • Define a preferred or dedicated agent
  • Campaign based queue management
  • Specific distribution rules defined for each campaign (dissuasion, call forwarding, transfer, call-back, etc.)

Automatic Call-back

  • Queuing of call-back requests
  • Manual scheduling by an agent or a supervisor
  • Call-back scheduling via external app
  • Immediate or delayed web call-back
  • Call-back to a campaign, a skill, or a specific agent
  • Manual, Preview, or Progressive mode
  • Call-back request details displayed on agent banner

Outbound Call Management

  • Integrated outcall campaign management
  • Import contact lists
  • Automated agent scripts and fact-sheets
  • Call classification
  • Manual and Automatic Outcall dialling

Inbound emails

  • Semantics based qualification and routing
  • Smart distribution based on agent skills and customer profiles
  • SLA management
  • Customized response templates
  • Knowledge based distribution practices

Agent interface

  • Free sitting connection (agent telephone can be defined at connection)
  • Configurable LDAP protocol
  • Agent state (ready, break, back-office, etc.)
  • Call management (hold, consult, transfer and conference with another agent or an external number)
  • Detailed call information: number, name, call-time, routing (IVR choice, etc.)
  • Detailed call-queue with call info
  • Available agents list simplifies consulting and transfers
  • Directory and contact lists
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Media blending


  • Contact information displayed when a call is established
  • Outbound call triggered from a customer card (built-in click-to-call functionality)
  • Integration with external applications

Supervisor interface

  • Real time view of call flow and group activity
  • Live performance indicators, KPI and threshold alerts
  • Detailed real-time agent activity
  • Discreet listening, call-whisper, and agent-conference call

Call recording

  • Recording triggered by the agent or the supervisor
  • Stop & Go recording via agent banner
  • Automatic pre-defined recording (by agent, team, campaign, etc.)
  • Multiple search criteria on terminated calls
  • Replay, download, store recorded conversations


  • User accounts management
  • Manage audio messages, calendars, campaigns, skills, queues, etc...
  • Customize voice menus (IVR) and call routing
  • Define distribution rules


  • Export stats to csv format
  • Standardized reporting
  • Customized reports can be developed for your business needs
  • Use our Intelligent Business Module to integrate your reports, your way

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