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CONTACT - Multi-channel contact center

Multi-channel contact center


 Manage inboud and outbound calls in multi-channel

CONTACT allows you to manage all your incoming and outgoing contacts on all multi-channel centers: telephone , email, SMS, web callback, live chat, social networks, smartphone apps...

These are great opportunities to optimize and get a better capacity planning and traffic management, to stay ahead of your competitors while developing a value proposal for a better satisfaction.

 Provide personalized customer service

Wherever your agents are located, they can benefit from a unique and centralised interface to manage all interactions, whatever the channel used.

They deliver a high quality Customer Experience, which is also personalized thanks to customer journey available in the solution and homogenous on all channels so that you can get a better customer satisfaction and more loyalty as well.

 Optimize your contact center efficiency

You drive your performance dashboards and employee business in real time and you can align your resources with your business performance to optimize your operating costs.

Your agents only keep high value-added interactions thanks to automatic processing of all requests – they are more efficient and performant.

 Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your projects

Do you need to make Dialog with your Customers easier, using all CR channels? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

Check Dialog support


Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response



Eloquant IVR allows your customers to get access to information or self-service 24/7, in real time, very easily and in a user-friendly way.

You give them a high and consistent quality Customer Experience while reducing your costs at the same time via the full or partial automation of your interaction processing.

 Personalize your customer service

Your incoming calls are qualified and routed to a self-service or a qualified operator.

If you have a customer service, a partial automation can allow you to deliver qualified and relevant information via self-service and to make your agents more focused on high added value calls.

 Inform customers in real time and continuously

You provide your customers automated services available 24/7 and also reminders.

The voice server interfaces with your IT environment and delivers real time data to your customers.

 Deliver automated services

By automating your business processes with a high quality personalization, you enable your customers to get involved in your organisation.

They can immediately get the information or service they want, whenever they want: online sales, order status, account information...


Client Support

Our expertise at your service


 VIP services

You can be sure we assist and help you to analyze your needs and launch your project.

Our project managers are experts in setting up contact centers and they help you to define your goals and technical specifications with all the appropriate specificities and modules.

Together, we provide a custom solution that suits your specific needs in terms of organization, communication flows and your business process.

 Personnalized trainings

Your Project Manager guides and helps you for an optimal use of our CONTACT solution.

Our instructors provide personalized and onsite or remote trainings that meet the specific needs of the different users (administrators, supervisors and agents).

Each user gets the specific skills to maximize and make the most of their learning experience to get more autonomy in their missions.

 Technical support

Eloquant infrastructure provides full and secure redundancy, hosted in datacenters located in France.

All our equipments are handled and monitored 24/7 by our technicians. You benefit from an unlimited and continuous access to our technical support, via online ticketing or just by calling us.


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