Main features
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Your Customer Experience weather forecast

  • All your customer experience KPIs are unified in one place with the same design (call center, surveys…)
  • Smartphones alerts thanks to Elo, you own clever bot
  • Users access rights (indicators, filters, regions…)

Verbatim Feed, the Facebook of customer’s satisfaction

  • Real time view of all satisfaction survey feedbacks (emailing, SMS…)
  • Priority actions plan management thanks to an internal messaging tool

Customer’s Journey, your own GPS for customer’s satisfaction monitoring

  • 100% customizable customer journey mapping
  • Automatic customer journey mapping thanks to semantic analysis*
  • Easy tracking of the impact of your actions

Customer’s Experience is a mindset, not just a tool

  • Setup an interactive suggestion box 2.0 with likes, counts, comments…
  • Live messaging tool to streamline internal collaboration

Full customization & services included

  • Add any kind of KPIs (CES, Csat, numbers of calls…)
  • Consulting Services to help you to define the best KPI and how to analyse them

Technical information’s

  • Android & iOS app (optimised for smartphones)
  • Connectors with others solutions (Salesforce ©, Twitter ©, Facebook ©, Chat, Ticketing…)

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