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APP COCKPIT - Monitor & Optimize your customer’s experience from a smartphone

Unify all customer experience KPI in one place!

You have a global & unified view of your customer ‘s experience from your smartphone, with KPI from your call center, satisfaction survey, web site, customer journey… And if there is a problem, Elo !, your own personal customer satisfaction assistant send you an alert to act immediately.

You monitor in real-time the customer experience in order to detect hard spots (pre-sales, sales, after-sales service, etc.), to define corrective actions, and to measure concrete impact.

Transform customers & internal feedbacks in value

Having on you smartphone the right information at the right time, with the ability to take action demultiplies the value of all the data: your sales reps can check the customer satisfaction before a meeting and send a direct feedback from the field in a glance, the marketing get a live feedback of their marketing campaigns & product launch…

Make the Customer Experience a reality!

Thanks to the mobile app, your customers are the closest from your heart, the whole organization has a direct acces to the customers, with the ability to share their voices (likes, comments…), to create a real and active customer centric culture.

* The features with an "*" will be available in the next version 2 of the App (planned end of 2017)

Benefit from Eloquant’s expertise for your projects

Do you need to set up and monitore an optimized Customer Experience? Enjoy our teams skills and experience through a dedicated and personnalized support.

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Main features

Your Customer Experience weather forecast
  • All your customer experience KPIs are unified in one place with the same design (call center, surveys…)
  • Smartphones alerts thanks to Elo, you own clever bot
  • Users access rights (indicators, filters, regions…)
Verbatim Feed, the Facebook of customer’s satisfaction
  • Real time view of all satisfaction survey feedbacks (emailing, SMS…)
  • Priority actions plan management thanks to an internal messaging tool
Customer’s Journey, your own GPS for customer’s satisfaction monitoring
  • 100% customizable customer journey mapping
  • Automatic customer journey mapping thanks to semantic analysis*
  • Easy tracking of the impact of your actions
Customer’s Experience is a mindset, not just a tool
  • Setup an interactive suggestion box 2.0 with likes, counts, comments…
  • Live messaging tool to streamline internal collaboration
Full customization & services included
  • Add any kind of KPIs (CES, Csat, numbers of calls…)
  • Consulting Services to help you to define the best KPI and how to analyse them
Technical information’s
  • Android & iOS app (optimised for smartphones)
  • Connectors with others solutions (Salesforce ©, Twitter ©, Facebook ©, Chat, Ticketing…)

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