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A few samples of our customers most successful projects.

Adecco Médical: When virtualizing a network of branches means more Customer Satisfaction.

Key facts

Adecco Médical belongs to Adecco Group that provides to medical offices professional recruiting services, whether they need a temporary or permanent contract. With a network of over 60 branches and 24-hour service, Adecco Médical is able to react and take action anytime.

Thanks to ELOQUANT solutions, Adecco Médical can provide constant and high-quality service through a virtual contact center and without increasing staff and costs.

Le Groupe Crédit Agricole: When developing a next-generation customer relationship is made possible.

Key facts

The 39 local subsidiaries set up actions in favor of customer satisfaction. A next-generation approach carried out on a national scale has made it possible to reach a common goal. At the same time, Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes (CA SRA) launched an ambitious program for its agencies and sales organisation. The goal of this approach is to better meet the customer needs with agents who are experts in their field, whether in insurance, savings, housing, etc.

Thanks to Eloquant solutions, Crédit Agricole Sud has made customer satisfaction a key element of its business strategy.

DHL: When optimising the Supply Chain Cells is made possible.

Key facts

DHL is currently the global leader in the express delivery market , warehousing and freight transportation. DHL has also become a major company in the supply chain sector by setting up supply chain cells for a world-famous catering company in 2009.

Thanks to ELOQUANT solutions, DHL has been able to share its Supply Chain resources and monitor its quality level.

SFR: When using text messages to get real-time feedback from your customers is made possible.

Key facts

Since 2010, SFR has been collecting the feedback of its mobile and internet subscribers who had called its customer service . SFR used 2 different ways to collect this feedback : emails for ADSL customers and an IVS robot for mobile customers. Thanks to Interview solutions, collecting customer satisfaction feedback in real time via text messages has become much easier and efficient.

Rossignol: When keeping up a high-quality service during the peak season is made possible.

Key facts

Rossignol Group owns different ski brands like DYNASTAR, LANGE, LOOK. Rossignol is favored by athletes and sells skis, ski shoes, bindings and accessories through a network of 5,000 European retailers and through web to store. Thanks to ELO Contact Center Solution, customers can now get a high-quality and reliable service during the peak season.

Santé Discount: When humanizing the web is made possible.

Key facts

Santé Discount top priority is its Customer Service with customers who can get online medical advice from professionals.

Thanks to ELOQUANT Solutions, Santé Discount can really stand out on a very competitive market with a strong Customer Service : « I came for the price and stayed for the service. »

Festival d’Aix en Provence: When modernizing a busy telephone booking system is made possible.

Key facts

Aix en Provence Festival is an international music festival that attracts around 75,000 visitors from all over the world. With 10 very busy lines and an old PABX system, it was sometimes hard work for customers to buy tickets by phone. Thanks to ELO Contact Center solution, buying tickets by phone is easier and more convenient and doesn’t take long.

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