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About us

About us

Eloquant has a real expertise in Customer Relationship and is the only SaaS software publisher to provide a comprehensive sotware solution that can manage interactions and feedback while integrating in one tool your professional services for front office and customer satisfaction.

Eloquantis a major and essential provider of innovative solutions based on 3 different requirements for high-level Customer relationship:

- Multi-channel incoming and outgoing contact processing: phone and digital channels such as emails, text messages, chat, social networks, smartphones

- Online surveys, feedback management

- Automated semantic analysis

Eloquant is certified to ISO 27001:2013. Eloquant is one of the very few software editors to have such a high level of certification, and to be able to meet requirements of more and more demanding clients about their data security.

Our values

At Eloquant, we "think big", accepting challenges from our clients, according their business needs. We are agiles, which helps us to adapt and offer always more.

We trust our solutions and we trust even more our teams. We are engaged in a collective expertise way of thinking that is customer centric. Going further is what moves us!

Every one is part of the decision process. We encourage our staff members to meet outside the office, and they do so! The Alps are a wonderful playground, and our staff from Paris enjoy it so much (maybe as much as tasting the Chartreuse)!

Key figures


Eloquant was launched from HP spin-off


Acquisition of Interview SA, first company to create multi-channel online survey solutions


New parternship by acquiring Ho2S, French leading company in online semantic and linguistic services


Customer Relationship experts located in Paris and Grenoble


million multi-channel interactions processed each year (calls, emails, chat, social networks)


of our revenue back into R&D


growth in 2016

We belong to:

L’AFRC : French Association of Customer Relationship L’AMARC : Association for Customer Complaint Management Digital League : Softwares and digital services lobbying association in « Rhône Alpes » (French Tech) L’Agora Clubs: First French network of managers

Our Partners - Technology

We teamed up with experts in technology to provide you with the best vocal technologies and other cloud applications:

- Best VOIP technologies
- Add-on applications to our environment

Acapela: Speech synthesis engine Eptica: Leader in web customer interaction management High Connexion : Leader in mobile marketing and billing solutions. Nuance: Ranked number One in vocal technologies (Speech Synthesis and Recognition) SAP : SMS Solution

Our Partners - Telecoms

We teamed up with experts in telecommunications to provide you with the following services:

- French and international numbers management
- Call routing
- SMS shortcodes
- SMS routing

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